Meet Me At The Market

Farmers Markets are way more than bringing farm fresh food to consumers.  There are three basic groups who benefit from these public markets:

The Shopper

The Farmer

The Community

Local markets bring together shoppers & vendors in a way that boosts local economy, fosters meaningful relationships, encourages education & most of all provides healthy goods and services.  

"In Ontario alone, sales at Farmers’ Markets total almost $600 million, leading to an economic impact of an astounding $1.8 billion.

For every one person you see working at the market, another two are busy at work back on the farm. As many as 27,000 people in Ontario are directly involved in preparing and selling the products you find at the market.

Farmers’ Markets are good for other businesses too. Up to 70% of market-goers visit neighbouring businesses on their way to and from the market." -

Let's embrace Local as The New Standard.